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We are LA VEST PRIN SUDEST and we produce Romanian blockbusters.

LA VEST PRIN SUDEST (LVPS) is a movie production company on a mission: to single handedly restore a country’s trust in its cinematography by re-infusing the screen with captivating and relevant commercial movies in the genres of cop movies, action movies, revenge movies, film noir, thrillers and social dramas.

The Romanian moviegoers desperately cry for heroes who fight on the screen for the so many causes that seem lost in the real life. That cry is now heard. And we come with the cure: the cinematic stories that are both entertaining, meaningful and rewarding, the only foundation for a healthy and financially sound film industry.

Thru our film projects and scripts, we pursue the idea that commercial movies are the norm, not the exception.

For decades we saw that “author films”, or ” art films” became the core of Romanian film industry, with disastrous effects over the Romanian box office, and even worse, over the moviegoers satisfaction and respect for the Romanian cinema.

Time to reverse the tide of boredom. Let’s bring back passion and applause to the Romanian movie theatres.

Even more, our commercial, premium films, with heroes that are relevant for our society and for the best aspirations of the general public, are also a guarantee that slum productions will not completely occupy Romanian cinema. Quality and relevance are the best resistance to the advance of the subculture, to the cynical opportunism of kitsch producers.

Time for ”Blockbusters Made In Romania”, our program designed to change minds, create better and commercially successful movies and inspire other filmmakers to join the trend.

While we call all Romanian filmmakers to join us towards our goal, thru our film-manifest called ”Blockbusters Made In Romania”, we do what we preach. We energetically pursue our ambitious program to create relevant and impactful content.

We are LA VEST PRIN SUDEST, the Romanian Movie Production Company. Go thru our list of future productions and join us into the amazing and rewarding business of  great moviemaking.


”LA VEST PRIN SUDEST* is an independent movie production company based in Bucharest, Romania and Marseilles, France. LA VEST PRIN SUDEST (LVPS) Movie Production Company was founded by the Romanian screenwriter, producer and director Călin-Liviu Georgescu. LVPS is a pioneering mov studio in the Romanian blockbuster entrepreneurial culture. LVPS has a bold and ambitious commitment to content creation and innovation in film production.

LVPS aims to become synonymous with premium, comprehensive and relevant content primarily for the Romanian movie audience. LVPS produces movies to be released in theaters and on streaming platforms.

LVPS enters the cinema market with a solid and valuable project portfolio, projects that create not only new production and co-financing opportunities, but also a new production model, guaranteed to deliver both premium and attractive content for the general public and generous ROI for our co-funders and partners.

LVPS is the cinematic answer to the Romanian’s public’s desire for quality Romanian action movies. It is a fact that the general public, trained for thirty years in the culture of American films and television entertainment, cannot find the Romanian films so desperately expects from our industry.

We made it LVPS’ mission to bring this audience back into theaters, to see great Romanian films.

We redefine movie production, starting with the very creative process. LVPS chooses projects with strong stories and scripts. LVPS analyzes the story’s relevance, its potential to captivate and make waves. LVPS promotes cinematic stories brought to the screen by fabulous actors, the present and future of Romanian cinematography.

Get involved in LVPS’ energetic cultural and commercial drive for a national film production and make history helping built memorable films!

LVPS movies create relevant and impactful content. LVPS movies feature action, crime, suspense, drama, and thriller genres.

LVPS produces new and valuable cinema content. LVPS provides new innovative production formats which make full use of the technology that the cinema has at its disposal today. LVPS movies come with sustainable price tags, are produced in Romania, without compromising on quality and relevance.

LVPS specializes in the production of Romanian blockbusters in an efficient and fast production system, inspired by the independent film production industry.”

”The experience of dozens of filmmakers from all cinemas showed that the production budget is not the most important factor in domestic success. These moviemakers entered the history of cinema as innovators in the art and film production. LVPS saw. LVPS learned. LVPS applied what it learned. And now it’s our turn to demonstrate how it’s done.

The New Romanian Wave was of art and auteur productions, art films, and films for festivals. Now is the time to make films for a Romanian movie goer who wants to rediscover the true passion for Romanian films dealing with real-life, everyday subjects.

Through LVPS productions, the second “New Romanian Wave” will be a wave of audiences in the movie theater. Come with us to bring Romanians back to Romanian movie theaters. Come with us to watch good, relevant and captivating Romanian films!”


* West By Southeast

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